Engraved champagne flutes make celebration drinking better

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Engraved champagne flutes not only look elegant, they improve the experience of a celebratory champagne toast.

What does the flute shape do?

The champagne flute, like champagne production, is not new. This tall stem glass with a tapered conical shape was developed in the 1700s. The first flutes were tall, slender and conical, but in the 20th Century, champagne drinkers started to prefer a glass that curved slightly inwards near the top.

This style of champagne flute was not chosen because of its aesthetic appeal, but because the inward taper retains the signature carbonation of the champagne. A few years ago, wide-lipped champagne glasses were preferred, but the large surface area means that the carbonisation escapes, causing the champagne to lose its fizz.

The narrowness of the flute minimises the oxygen-to-wine ratio and this enhances the aroma of the wine.

The champagne tasting experience has four major elements: visual appeal, texture, aroma and taste. The champagne flute shape is designed to enhance each of these.

While champagne and other fizzy wines such as prosecco are drunk from champagne flutes, some beer lovers like to drink special beers from flutes, particularly fruit beers and Belgian craft beers. They say that the flute shows the colour of the beer better and helps concentrate the aromas.


Drinking champagne is associated with celebrations. This tradition was started after the French revolution when it was introduced to replace former religious rituals. It became known as a substitute for holy water and was used to launch ships, toast brides and celebrate baptisms.

According to Kolleen M. Guy, author of ‘When Champagne Became French’:

“In a secular society, we want to mark both the joy and sanctity of the occasion. Champagne does this symbolically, but also visually, since it overflows in abundance and joy.”

Racing car drivers dispense with actually tasting champagne as part of their celebration. The winner of the race takes great delight in spraying himself and everyone around with champagne.


Champagne is regarded as a luxury drink, but one that is affordable for most people on special occasions. Premium quality champagne can cost over £100, but a bottle from a supermarket can be found for little over £10.

As a luxury item, most people prefer to drink champagne out of a quality glass. Engraved champagne flutes match the luxury taste of champagne. A crystal champagne flute offers the premium quality that the champagne drinker demands.

A champagne celebration is over after the bottle is empty, but a champagne flute engraved with a message about the occasion is a reminder that lasts for years.

There are many reasons to celebrate, such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, business achievements, winning money and more. Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to celebrate. Try celebrating by drinking champagne from a flute for no particular reason, just because you can!

Engraved champagne flutes make an ideal gift for friends and family. They are also fitting business gifts and can be used to reward employees for special achievements.

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