Drinkers rebel against quirky glassware

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The growing trend for quirky and unusual drinking vessels seems to have run its course for some cocktail lovers.

Social media users are posting on Twitter account @WeWantGlasses as a protest against some of the more bizarre objects that are being used to serve drinks in. Images of a range of objects being used as a substitute for regular drinking glasses have been posted, including a replica human heart, a bath and measuring jars of various sizes.

Some of the reasons given, apart from not wanting to drink from something resembling a human heart, include the difficulty of finishing a drink from an odd shaped vessel, to feeling cheated by the minuscule size of some measures. There is also the problem that some quirky shapes mean a cocktail cannot be stirred or mixed properly, affecting the overall taste.

Himanishu Desai, from Massive Restaurants Private Limited, believes:

“Serving cocktails innovatively is as important as serving a drink the classic way. There are patrons who prefer to experiment and try something different, while many prefer to enjoy their cocktails and spirits in classic style.”

At Desai’s bar, Kode, one cocktail is served in a distinctive vertical cube, with the tag, ‘think outside the box’.

The debate is sure to continue among mixologists and consumers alike for some time to come, but whether a drink is served in an elegant engraved crystal glass, a regular cocktail glass or a lightbulb, for true connoisseurs it is what is inside the glass which should be the most important factor.

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