Should you drink from crystal or glass engraved wine glasses?

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Engraved wine glasses are a great personalised gift for a wine lover. Engraved wine glasses are made from standard glass or crystal, and wine connoisseurs debate which is best.

The differences between crystal and standard wine glasses

Crystal is a type of glass that contains lead, which softens the glass making it easier to engrave. Some people may fear that the lead content of the glass could leak into the wine and present a health hazard, but all research contradicts this. Some crystal glass does not have lead content, with barium carbonate and zinc instead added to the glass so that the glass has similar properties to lead crystal.

Standard wine glasses can be made thicker so that they are more durable. Crystal glasses can be thinner whilst still being relatively strong.

Crystal diffracts light. Hold one up to the light and it acts as a prism that splits the light, creating a rainbow effect. It has an audible quality too in that when you tap a crystal glass, there is a distinctive ring tone.

Standard wine glasses can be washed in a dishwasher. Crystal is more porous and should be hand washed. Some manufacturers of modern crystal goods say that they can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but it is probably not worth risking it for expensive crystal engraved wine glasses. To be safe, hand washing is recommended.

Crystal is a bit more expensive than standard glass, but is still an affordable luxury, as single crystal engraved wine glasses can be purchased for less than £15 including engraving. You can pay considerably more for top-quality crystal.

Drinking from crystal glasses

Wine lovers claim that the thinness and shape of a crystal glass enhances the taste and aroma of wine. Many people prefer the look of the crystal glass with its etched design. This may not affect the taste of the wine, but wine drinking is experienced by touch, taste, smell and sight. Some say that they like the feel of a crystal wine glass in the hand.

Many people cannot find much difference between the taste of the wine from a crystal glass compared to standard glass, but they go for crystal because of its looks and reputation for being luxury quality.

Glasses for all occasions

Whether you choose a plain glass or crystal glass, engraving it with a message turns it into a valued personalised gift. Celebrate weddings, birthdays and anniversaries by giving engraved wine glasses.

Companies give engraved wine glasses as rewards for employees’ high performances, for prizes in team building games or as a retirement present for a valued employee.

Wine glasses can be engraved with any message and images can be added. Messages do not have to be serious, and many people like to add humorous text that teases close friends or family.

Engraved wine glasses, either plain or crystal, are ideal personalised gifts to celebrate special occasions, reward achievements or simply express gratitude to someone who has helped you.

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