Drink craft ales from an engraved tankard

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An engraved glass tankard is an ideal present for someone who appreciates craft beer.

The origins of tankards

Tankards are drinking vessels that were first used in northern Europe in the 16th Century. They were not originally made from glass but horn, silver, ivory or pottery. They often had hinged lids on them with a thumbpiece to raise the lid when drinking.

In the late 17th Century, large tankards were made for guilds and cooperate bodies for ceremonial use or presented to honour people.

The rise of craft beers

In the first half of the 20th Century, most pubs served beer in glasses with handles, especially the classic dimple tankard glass. Nowadays, most bars serve beer in straight glasses without a handle.

There has been a revival in the popularity of craft beers – speciality beers brewed in small batches by microbreweries. There are so many craft beers to choose from that this has created the rise of beer sommeliers. Similar to wine sommeliers, these people are experts in craft beer. They know which beer is best with which food, and hold tasting sessions where they share their expert knowledge of beer.

Part of the mystique of craft ales is the type of glass used. Many beer companies issue their own glasses that are especially designed to match their beer.

Craft beer lovers believe that drinking craft ales are like going back to an age when beer was pure and uncontaminated by the chemicals used in mass-produced beer. It is nostalgia for an age when beer was “real”, and drinking was an art, or so people believe. As part of this looking back, many drinkers are returning to the tankard with its comforting handle. Drinkers swear that the tankard improves the taste of the beer.

Giving an engraved tankard

An engraved tankard is the ideal present for a craft beer drinker. A personal message to say thank you, that you care or to mark a special occasion can be engraved on it. Tankards can be in affordable clear glass, or for a luxury gift, choose an Earle Crystal glass tankard in a presentation box.

The rise of craft beer has led to more women drinking beer, making tankards a great unisex gift. Of course, glass tankards are appreciated by non-craft beer drinkers too. They can be filled with popular lagers or orange squash for non-alcohol drinkers. The classic style of the engraved glass tankard is suitable for every type of long drink. Some people do not drink out of their glass tankard, preferring to display them proudly on a shelve or in a display cabinet.

Give a close friend or family member an engraved tankard. They are also suitable for businesses to give to their staff in recognition of outstanding performance. They can be used as sporting trophies or prizes at team-building events.

Whatever your taste in drinks might be, an engraved tankard is a good-looking gift to receive that enhances the pleasure of drinking.

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