Clear cut difference between glass and crystal

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When it comes to the manufacture of glass and crystal awards, there are marked differences in each of these materials. Generally divided into three types – glass, crystal or optic crystal – these options ensure that the price range suits every budget.

Although it has less clarity than crystal, glass is more affordable and therefore makes it a very attractive option. It is divided into two types, jade glass and crystal clear glass. Jade glass got its name because of the distinguishing blue-green tint visible along cut-lines, caused by a high percentage of iron ore.

Crystal clear glass, as its name suggests, has a clarity that is almost as good as crystal itself. Despite being extremely hard, there is a difference in price, with jade glass costing half the amount of crystal clear glass.

Like glass, crystal can also come in two types. Lead crystal contains lead oxide which gives it the sparkle that often comes with this sort of crystal.

The other form is optical crystal, this is an extremely clear, hard material often used for lenses (ophthalmic) such as on the Hubble Telescope. The crystal is heat-treated at a very high temperature and the cooling process removes any bubbles or impurities. The perfect clarity of optical crystal makes this option quite expensive.

With many options available, it is easy to find a gift or trophy to suit any pocket. Here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, we have an extensive range of beautiful glass and crystal awards to choose from.

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