Choosing engraved crystal gifts

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There are many occasions when giving a piece of engraved crystal is the best gift option. Crystal is a beautiful and lasting material, chosen as much for strength and versatility, as it is for clarity and sparkle. Engraved crystal gifts are often treasured and valued for many years, giving pleasure to the recipient and invoking fond memories. There is a vast and diverse range to choose from and the choice of which crystal gift to give may be a difficult one.

A special occasion

First and foremost almost any occasion is suitable for giving crystal. Whether the gift is for corporate or professional achievement, commemorating a special event, a wedding anniversary or family celebration, crystal is perfect and very adaptable. A crystal gift can be given to promote a sport or one of the arts, such as music or dance. Friendships and family, holiday mementos or realising a lifelong ambition, all good reasons to choose a fabulous engraved crystal gift.

Decanters and glassware

Nothing looks more luxurious than a matching crystal decanter and crystal wine glasses. Likewise, from the sturdy shape of whisky glasses to elegant crystal champagne flutes, there are many types of glassware to choose from. Engraved crystal tankards and jugs are often firm favourites, and it is also possible to give engraved crystal ice buckets and wine stoppers to complete the set.

Blocks and plaques

Keeping things solid with blocks of crystal, allows for popular 3D images to be engraved. This could be a company logo, a favourite photograph, a famous landmark, as well as a hobby or sport. Celebrating the birth of a baby with an image of the baby’s foot is a novel memento or gift for new grandparents. It is also becoming a tradition to reproduce a wedding invitation on to a solid block of crystal, engraved with the happy couples name. Plaques and blocks can also take any shape, neat and square or abstract and random.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Crystal is so versatile that almost any shape is possible. Crystal gifts shaped like animals, flowers, fruit, buildings and musical instruments are not unusual. A crystal gift can usually be found for practically any hobby or interest, and if not then there are plenty of generic shapes to choose from such as hearts, stars or even the moon.

A useful gift

Of course many crystal gifts are given for the recipient to use and enjoy. Crystal vases and fruit bowls, letter-racks and paperweights allow the gift to be enjoyed as much as possible. A homemade sherry trifle presented for Sunday tea in a beautiful engraved crystal bowl is the perfect example. Crystal gifts can also incorporate clocks, barometers and thermometers, a useful and thoughtful addition guaranteeing continued use.

Engraving the message

Choosing the right words can be difficult. Trying to get the message across in a thoughtful and meaningful way is as important as the piece of crystal that is chosen. Bright and breezy, professional and to the point, or with love and affection, time should be taken to make sure engraved crystal gifts leave a lasting impression and are received in the spirit in which they are given.

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