Celebrate any occasion with engraved champagne glasses

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Champagne is a luxury drink that deserves a luxury glass. Engraved champagne glasses enhance the pleasure of this wonderful drink.

How to drink champagne from the glass

Champagne can be drunk from a white wine glass, but many prefer the champagne flute. Their narrow shape concentrates the aromas and flavour of the wine and also helps the champagne retain its distinctive fizz from the bubbles.

Champagne is best poured to fill about a third of the glass, as overporuing can result in drink warming up too quickly. Hold the glass by the stem; if you wrap your hand around the glass, it can warm the champagne.

Drink champagne with your meal

Champagne is traditionally used to make a toast or served as an aperitif before a meal. However, this is arguably a waste, as it can be drunk throughout a meal and pairs well with most foods, including meat, fish, risotto and grilled fish.

Champagne loves salty, oily, and fatty foods thatcomplement the wine’s fruity freshness. Naturally, it goes well with upmarket foods like lobster and truffles, but is also suitable for drinking with hamburgers, chicken and cheese.

Everyday celebration

Many people believe that champagne is only for special celebrations, but you can make any day a celebration by opening a bottle from the fridge. If champagne is beyond your budget, prosecco and cava are less expensive but very likeable champagne alternatives.

Health-conscious or teetotal people do not have to miss out on celebrating. Engraved champagne glasses are good for sparkling grape juice, apple juice, or low-alcohol sparkling wine.

Engraved champagne glasses are ideal gifts for special occasions or to recognises achievements. Engrave them to mark the occasion, raise a glass in a toast, and let the guests take their engraved glasses home with them as a reminder of a special time.

Engraved champagne glasses look elegant and can be used more than once. Every time someone feels like celebrating, pour a glass of sparkling wine into the engraved champagne glass.

Business or personal

Engraved champagne glasses make ideal gifts for family members and friends. Businesses use them to reward and recognise outstanding staff performance. Flutes can be presented to VIP clients to thank them for their business.

A plain glass flute is not expensive, but many people prefer the luxury look of genuine cut crystal glass. A silk-lined presentation box adds to the luxury feel.

The price of engraved champagne glasses includes the engraving itself. Champagne flute are not the largest of glasses, so are suitable for a few well-chosen words that mark the occasion. Logos or images can be added if space allows.

If you struggle to find a suitable present for someone who seems to have everything they need, choose a personalised gift unique to them. A present of good champagne together with a personalised engraved champagne glass shows that you care about them and have given a lot of thought to giving them a luxury gift that only they own.

Engraved champagne glasses don’t have to be given away. Why not order one just for your own champagne drinking pleasure?

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