Branded glassware can add value to your business

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Those in the drinks industry will often tell you that serving up the right drink in the right glass can improve sales and encourage repeat custom.

Brewers and distillers often promote their products using engraved glassware marked with their brand or logo, but it is also the design of the glass that producers say will enhance a drink, and the customer’s experience.

For example, a flute glass with etching at the bottom will hold the bubbles of a sparkling wine for longer. Likewise, a nucleated lager glass will give the appearance of a lively glass of beer and improve the taste. Brewers of craft beers believe that the right glassware is essential to the full enjoyment of a glass of beer. Cheap, mass produced glassware can affect the temperature, and therefore the taste, of premium beers.

The Cow in Brighton is one pub that specialises in craft beers and regularly has around 35 products on sale, each with its own engraved glass with the beer’s logo or brand on it. This not only identifies the brand, but also ensures consistency of service and quality is maintained.

It’s not just with alcoholic drinks that the vessel they’re served from is important. Dave Turner of Coca-Cola Enterprises says:

“For Coca-Cola, the perfect serve comprises a chilled, iconic contour glass bottle, poured into a branded Georgia green glass filled a third of the way with ice, complete with a fresh lemon garnish”

At H. Cooper Glass Engravers, we offer a range of attractive engraved glasses at great prices, allowing you to give your drinks the touch of class they deserve.

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