The benefits of perpetual engraved awards

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Perpetual engraved plaques are a fantastic way to recognise multiple achievements of the same award. Both inspirational and aspirational, engraved awards that are permanently on display for colleagues, teammates and peers to see can have an extremely positive effect. Not only will a perpetual award encourage competition and healthy rivalry between individuals, but it can also generate camaraderie among team mates.

A style for every occasion

Perpetual engraved awards or plaques come in all shapes and sizes, from small, discreet plaques bearing a handful of names, to large boards that have the capacity to hold a hundred entries and will last for many years to come.

Some allow space for photographs to be placed, making them ideal for regular awards like ‘Salesperson of the Month’ or ‘Man of the Match’. Materials ranging from highly polished wood, such as mahogany or cherrywood, industrial stainless steel, brass, glass or acrylic, and with name plates made out of black brass, coloured glass, a satin finish metal or even magnetic – the choices and styles are unlimited.

Creating a challenge

An eye-catching and unique record of personal achievements, targets reached and hard won victories, perpetual engraved awards can offer great encouragement and motivation. The glory of having a team name engraved on a perpetual award for all to see, or being named employee of the month, can’t be denied.

Engraved awards such as these can be great for team spirit and a goal for everyone to aim at. Leader boards for long-running competitions have decked many walls of sports clubs, from football and golf championships, to the darts and dominoes of a local sports and social club.

The corporate world

Business has also long supported the notion of corporate, in-house competition. Recognition for a job well done or sales target reached often takes the form of an engraved award as a virtual ‘pat on the back’.

Rewarding employees is a great motivational tool. Not only is it good for business, encouraging rivalry for productivity targets and therefore improving profits, but also morale. Some companies start the week or the month by naming their top achievers, while others hold glittering annual events, presenting engraved awards during lavish ceremonies.

A permanent record

Perpetual engraved plaques are perfect for recording lists of high achievers. For example, the former presidents or chairpersons of a company, the headmasters or headmistresses at a school, captains at a local golf club, or a swim club’s champion swimmers. A perpetual engraved award that inspires others to strive as hard as possible to do their best, and eventually have the honour of being named on a particular plaque or trophy, is a powerful thing. As a permanent reminder of what can be achieved, perpetual plaques are also a growing record of performance with every passing year and a promotion of healthy competition.

Large or small, glass or brass, perpetual engraved awards have much to offer as a reward for special achievements. They provide a permanent record and acknowledgement that will be on display for all to see, inspiring the next generation of winners.

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