The benefits of giving engraved glass awards to your employees

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Businesses need to make their employees feel appreciated. An engraved glass award is an effective way of recognising those who perform exceptionally well.

Why employee appreciation matters

There are many benefits to showing your employees that they are appreciated and that you care about their wellbeing. Not only will they feel good about themselves, but also they will be more motivated at work and this can increase productivity. Workers that are engaged, proactive and efficient are more likely to work harder.

The workers who have not received an award will be inclined to work better if they know that they have a chance of a future award.

Money can motivate workers, but often a personalised award that can be proudly displayed on an employee’s desk is more effective.

The effect of engraved glass awards

People working in teams should be encouraged to recommend team members for awards. They will be on the lookout for positive characteristics in each other. This can encourage them to show a positive work attitude. An award given to a team member is indirectly being awarded to the whole team.

Employees who know that outstanding work will be recognised by an award will feel more satisfied with work. This will result in better staff retention. The money spent on purchasing engraved glass awards will be offset by costs saved on recruiting and training new staff members.

When you treat staff with respect and gratitude they will feel happier and in return will be more loyal to your company and do a better job.

Team building

The key to better working is team building. Employees like to feel that they are part of a time. Being a team member is part of their identity.

A team needs to be friends and work well together. Team building encourages this and can start by simply encouraging the team to socialise after work. Team bonding can increase on team building days. These often take place outside work and can include various activities such as treasure hunts and outdoor adventures. These can include an element of competition with team members striving to be the first to complete a task or find the treasure.

At the end of the team building day, engraved glass awards can be given to the competition winners, followed by a champagne toast in celebration.

Choosing an engraved glass award

Your glass engraver will be able to provide a wide variety of glass awards. These can be in the shape of monoliths, columns, ovals or stars. High quality crystal glass is the more expensive option but adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the award.

Alternately some businesses prefer a plain glass award or one that features coloured glass.

A glass award can contain any message including the employee’s name and the reason for the award. The company logo can be added to the design.

An engraved glass award is a cost effective way of recognising an employee for a job well done.

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