Beer tastes better in the right glass

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An array of beers are now available in today’s drinks and hospitality sector, and the drink industry is keen to make sure that its products are enjoyed to their fullest. One way is by using the correct glassware to optimise the experience.

The British pint glass is probably the most well-known. It is slightly narrower at the bottom with a wide mouth. The pint glass holds 20 fluid ounces, but when pulled, the traditional ‘head’ of a real ale should be at least five percent of the glass of beer or a ‘pencil width’. This type of glass is also a popular choice for many lagers or pale ales.

The Weizen glass is designed to cope with the large foamy head that is particular to wheat beers. The beers are usually pulled until the foam overflows, then skimmed using a palette knife to create a neat finish. Weizen glasses are tall and thin but have a wide mouth which helps to release the aromas of the drink.

To enjoy Belgian or German beers, a goblet or chalice glass is a popular choice. Bulbous in shape and with a stem, the extra wide mouth helps to maintain the recommended one inch head. A tulip glass is elongated and named after its shape, again this enables the glass to keep the head of more livelier beers, for example, pale ales. For more robust beers like double IPAs, barley wines and wheat wines, the snifter glass is ideal to trap the aromas of a stronger brew.

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