Does beer taste better in an engraved glass tankard?

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There has been increasing interest in the art of craft beer making in recent years. Many connoisseurs of craft beer believe that the glass you drink beer out of is very important, and recommend using an engraved glass tankard.

The shape affects the taste

The surge in sales of premium and craft beers has been influenced by beer sommeliers, who, like their wine counterparts, are experts in assessing the merits of the many brews available. A leading beer sommelier, Jane Peyton, is convinced that the shape of the glass affects the drinking experience. She says:

“Narrow-mouthed rims encourage sipping and so the beer reaches the front and sides of the tongue first, where sweetness and acidity register. A wide-mouthed rim encourages glugging which directs the beer to the back of the tongue where bitterness registers.”

Many lager brewers serve their drinks in customised glasses. Stella Artois has the distinctive chalice glass which the Belgian brewer says enhances the beer ’s flavour. Meanwhile, the Estrella ‘Gastro’ glass is pear-shaped to prevent the rapid release of carbon.

The only large brewer that has a tankard glass is Czech brewer Budvar with its tall and straight-sided tankard designed to enhance the flavour of their lager.

The popularity of the tankard

Many lovers of craft beer like to ignore the brewers recommended glasses, for a traditional-style tankard. They like to personalise their tankard with engraving.

Sometimes, festivals serve beer from engraved glass tankards, which drinkers can take home as a souvenir of the occasion.

There is no scientific evidence to prove that engraved glass tankards improve the flavour of the beer, but that does not stop some drinkers swearing that their personalised glass enhances flavour.

Giving the gift of an engraved glass tankard

Engraved glass tankards make great presents for beer drinkers, and generally, it does not matter if they improve the flavour or not. They show off the colour of the beer and add to the whole drinking experience.

People love receiving personalised gifts. For a special luxury, gift give someone with an Earle crystal engraved glass tankard in a smart presentation box.

There are many reasons for giving engraved glass tankards apart from enhancing the flavour of the beer. They can be given as a romantic gesture to express love. They can be used to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, retirement or job promotion.

Businesses give engraved glass tankards as recognition for employees who have performed exceptionally well.

Although tankards are associated with male drinkers, more and more women are appreciating fine craft beer and like to drink from tankards.

Engraved glass tankards can be engraved with any words, and images can be etched on them. There are many shapes available, from traditional straight-sided glasses to bubble-based ones. Sizes range from half pint and pint tankards to large one litre ones.

If a beer drinker prefers a straight engraved beer glass without a handle, they are available at inexpensive prices.

Choose an engraved glass tankard because it improves the taste of beer, for how it looks, or what its inscription says.

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