When award ceremonies go wrong

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An array of engraved crystal trophies are waiting to be presented, the audience is full of anticipation and the recipients sit with fingers crossed. Nothing can go wrong, or can it?

Recently, La La Land was wrongly awarded the 2017 Oscar for best picture, much to the embarrassment of everyone concerned. This just goes to prove that even the most glittering ceremonies can go awry, and it’s not the first time such an awards muddle has occurred:

• The 2015 Miss Universe crown was placed on the head of Miss Colombia, then a few seconds later it was discovered that Miss Philippines should have been named the winner, resulting in a very awkward moment as the crown was switched from one girl to the other.

• Australia’s Top Model presenter, Sarah Murdoch said, ‘I’m feeling sick about this’ as she interrupted Kelsey Martinovich’s acceptance speech to tell her there had been a mix-up and she had not won the 2010 T.V. model contest, but 18-year-old Amanda Ware had.

• Singer Katy Perry accepted the 2009 NRJ Music Award for Best International Song, but there followed a flurry of embarrassed activity as it soon became apparent that Rihanna was the real winner.

• The late music legend Michael Jackson made one of the most bizarre acceptance speeches for a non-existent award. Misunderstanding Britney Spears’ comment that she considered him, ‘the artist of the millennium’, when presenting him with a birthday cake at the 2002 MTV awards, Jackson went on to say how pleased he was to accept the artist of the millennium award, in the process thanking his mother, Diana Ross, David Blaine and God.

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