The benefits of giving and receiving engraved crystal awards

The benefits of giving and receiving engraved crystal awards

Engraved glass awards can be of great benefit to a company, both when they receive awards, and when they give them out.

Receiving engraved glass awards

When a company receives an award, it elevates its status and visibility and this can result in more sales. Displaying an award symbol on all marketing materials attracts new customers to the high-status image this creates, so existing customer loyalty will likely be raised.

Employees are excited when their company wins an award. They contribute to the success of the business and morale is raised when their good work is recognised in such a way.

Giving engraved glass awards

Employees want their work to be recognised and an award is great for this. Awards given as bonuses are fine, but the money goes into the employee’s bank account and the sense of achievement is soon over. Engraved glass awards can be proudly displayed on the employee’s desk to remind him or her that their good work is recognised and appreciated. Other employees that see the award know that if their performance is outstanding, they too stand in line to be rewarded.

Awards for achievements in sales, customer service, and other areas will boost staff morale. People don’t just work for the money – a sense of achievement is important. Knowing that they can work for an award raises morale and self-esteem. Sometimes a “well done” slap on the back by management is enough, but being awarded for successfully completing key projects generally makes staff feel better.

Happy staff are more productive ones. They will go that extra mile to help a customer, and will work late to finish jobs when necessary. A profitable company rewards its shareholders with dividends and promotes top-performing staff to better paid positions, but it also needs to reward staff with physical awards.

Not all awards to staff are about work achievements. Teams need to work together well and get along with each other. A classic way to achieve this is by holding team building games and team social or sporting events. These are occasions to hold competitive contests with engraved glass awards as prizes.

Why glass awards?

Physical awards can take many forms, such as silverware, medals, certificates, and more. Glass awards are good because they look elegant, come in many shapes and sizes, and can easily be engraved with both text and images. They are modern looking, stylish, and suit a business that stands for good design and quality products.

Engraved glass awards can have any message engraved on them. They can be personalised with the recipient’s name and a summary of their special achievement. The company logo can be etched on the glass. For an award that looks different, ones that contain coloured glass are available.

Engraved glass trophies are premium quality awards that are also value for money, costing a little over £10 and upwards including the engraving.

If your business does not currently have award schemes, now is the time to start enjoying the multiple benefits of giving engraved glass awards.

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