What benefits can engraved crystal gifts bring to your business?

What benefits can engraved crystal gifts bring to your business?

There are many ways to promote your business, but engraved crystal gifts are a promotional tool that has many benefits of which not every business owner is aware.

Everyday reminders

The British Promotional Merchandise Association claims that 80% of personalised gifts are used regularly by the recipient. People will tend to use an item more if they find it useful. Beer tankards, glasses, vases, bowls, photo frames and paperweights are particularly useful. When engraved with your company name, they act as a reminder of your company and its activities.

Engraved glass gifts are cost effective. A costly advert in print or online will be seen by someone perhaps once. An engraved crystal gift that is used frequently is excellent value for money as the cost per impression will be small.

Increase loyalty

Businesses grow through brand loyalty. A customer who receives an engraved glass gift is reminded that their business is important to you. This creates a positive feeling that increases brand loyalty. Customers who are loyal to your brand will give you repeat business.

Gifts are associated with goodwill, and psychologically, if one person shows goodwill, the other want to reciprocate and show goodwill in return. For the customer, the way they show this is to purchase more items from your business.

Lead generation

Many companies reward customers who refer other people to them. This is often in the form of a money-off voucher, but personalised gifts can work as well. If you offer your top referrers a high-quality engraved crystal gift, this can be a very good incentive. Of course, you could combine cash rewards with engraved glass gifts for maximum encouragement.

Increase employee happiness

Many employees simply get on with their work without much input from top management. Employees can feel unappreciated and this can cause them to be less productive. It is common for some employees to perform the minimum expected from them. Companies that give rewards find that they motivate the staff.

Rewards can be in the form of engraved glass trophies personalised with the employee’s name. Competitions with glass trophy awards are a good way to motivate staff. Give prizes for salesperson of the month, or a prize for the top achieving team. Reward employees for going out of their way to be extra helpful to customers.

Personalized glass gifts acknowledge that the employees are important to the business. This motivates them to be more productive, and this will make them feel happier.

Effective marketing

Most effective marketing campaigns are based on several media or channels, including print, digital, public relations and sponsoring sporting teams or events. Engraved glass gifts are an additional promotional channel that is cost effective. It can make your marketing stand out from those competitors not giving away personalised gifts.

Marketing is also via your employees, who talk to their friends and family about your business. If engraved glass gifts make them happy, they are likely to communicate positive messages about your business.

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