An engraved crystal decanter makes a special present

An engraved crystal decanter makes a special present

Decanting wine is a rare and special experience for most drinkers, which is why an engraved glass decanter makes such a special present.

What is decanting and why is it used?

The average price British people pay for a bottle of wine is £5.68. Wine at this price may be pleasant to drink, but it does not need decanting unless you want to give dinner guests the impression that the wine you are serving is an expensive one!

Decanting simply means the process of pouring wine from the bottle to a decanter ready for serving. This aerates the wine, which helps improve the flavours and aromas when the wine takes in oxygen as it is being decanted. Full-bodied and high tannic wines benefit from this the most, including Cabernet and Syrah varieties.

Decanting cheap wine may have little effect on its taste, but a decent quality wine could benefit from the process. Although it’s generally not done for white wines, some older high-quality whites can be improved with decanting.

Few people decant champagne and other sparkling wines, as decanting dissipates the bubbles. Still, some people find the bubbles in younger champagnes too aggressive so prefer to decant the bottle.

Some wine experts are against decanting, claiming that swirling the wine around the glass before drinking is enough to oxygenate it.

It all shows that decanting is a personal preference. For many, there is something special about slowly pouring the wine into a premium quality engraved crystal decanter and serving the wine to guests from the decanter.

Engraved crystal decanters and practicality

For those who like to decant wine, an engraved crystal decanter is a practical gift, not every present needs to be practical. An engraved crystal decanter looks beautiful when it is proudly displayed in the home, especially if the decanter is engraved with a heartfelt message or dedication.

An engraved crystal decanter is a luxury present that is well worth the expense to give to a loved one. If you really want to spoil someone, buy them an engraved glass decanter and a set of engraved wine glasses. This may not improve the taste of wine, but it can significantly add to the experience of drinking wine with special friends and loved ones.

Crystal decanters are available in various styles, including square-shaped decanters and rounded ones. A traditional decanter is somewhat like a wine glass, with a wide bowl at the bottom, a long stem and glass stopper.

Decanters can be filled with wine or can hold port or sherry. They may not improve the taste of alcohol-free wine or soft drinks, but they still look impressive whatever they contain.

The presentation

The cost of a wine decanter includes the engraving, and an image or logo can be added. The engraved message can mark a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, graduation or passing an exam.

Place an engraved crystal decanter in a silk-lined presentation box, and give it to someone special and worth spoiling.

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