All you need to know about Pisco Sour Day

Whether you’re already a fan of the Pisco Sour or it’s something new you’d like to try, World Pisco Sour Day is a day to celebrate this Saturday, 5th February.

The history of the Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour, Peru’s national drink, has enjoyed its very own celebratory day since 2004. Not only in Peru but around the world, each year on the first Saturday of February, Pisco Sour Day takes place. The Pisco Sour forms part of Peruvian culture and is often the drink of choice amongst nationals when celebrating different occasions.

American bar tender Victor Vaughen Morris is believed to have invented the cocktail while working in the Peruvian city of Cerro de Pasco. Over a century ago, in 1916, Morris opened Morris’ Bar, which rapidly became a well-frequented establishment. The Pisco Sour became such a part of the culture in Peru that in 2007, it was officially made a part of the country’s National Cultural Patrimony.

Create your own

What better way to celebrate the day than by enjoying your own Pisco Sour cocktail? Chilled cocktail glasses are perfect for serving up this popular drink, and engraved glassware would make the occasion even more special. Start with two ounces of your preferred pisco spirit, add one ounce of fresh lime juice and half an ounce of simple syrup and one egg white. Shake well and then add ice and shake again. Strain, add a few drops of aromatic bitters and enjoy.

Many bars and restaurants will be happy to serve up the delicious, sweet-and-sharp cocktail for you, or you could follow the instructions above to create your own version at home.

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