Add to the celebrations with an engraved Prosecco glass

Add to the celebrations with an engraved Prosecco glass

Prosecco is a sparkling wine that is ideal for a celebratory toast. An engraved Prosecco glass makes a toast extra special.

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine similar to champagne, but is usually not as expensive. It is made from the Glera grape, but some Proseccos have other grapes blended with the Glera.

Prosecco is normally produced by the Charmat-Martinotti method. Unlike champagne where the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, Prosecco is fermented a second time in large stainless steel vats for at least 30 days.

Though most Prosecco is less expensive than champagne, Prosecco Superiore costs as much as many champagnes, as it is produced from hillside vineyard grapes picked by hand. The production of Prosecco Superiore is mainly done manually, which accounts for its high quality.

Some people buy Prosecco because it is value for money, but many drinkers prefer Prosecco to champagne or other sparkling wines. In 2018, over 600 million bottles of Prosecco were produced.

Prosecco is usually consumed out of the same type of flute glass as champagne. This is a tall stemmed glass that curves in slightly towards the top. The narrow opening of the top enhances the aroma of the wine, and effects the bubbles to delay the time it takes for the wine to go flat.

Make a toast with engraved Prosecco glasses

It is traditional to mark special occasions and achievements with a toast in sparkling wine. An engraved Prosecco glass adds an extra touch of luxury to a toast, Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, new job or graduation, order engraved Prosecco glasses to mark the occasion. After the toast, let your guests take home their brand new glass.

For people that don’t drink alcohol and designated drivers, why not fill the glasses with sparkling grape or apple juice?

An engraved Prosecco glass in a presentation box makes an ideal gift. Any words you want to express can be engraved on the glass, and images or logos can be added. An engraved glass is not expensive, though by paying a little extra you can have the premium quality of crystal glass. Give the glass with a bottle of Prosecco so that the glass can be raised in a toast soon after the presentation box is opened.

Engraved Prosecco glasses are ideal for use as awards by businesses looking to recognise outstanding employee performance, or can be presented to winning teams or individuals at company-sponsored sports events.

Make any occasion special

Champagne is regarded as many people as an occasional indulgent luxury. Lower-cost Prosecco, though special, can be drunk regularly. Long after the celebration toast when the engraved Prosecco glasses were first used, a weekly or monthly get-together with friends can start with a Prosecco toast. This makes an ordinary occasion extra special.

Of course, an engraved Prosecco glass can be used to drink any sparkling wine or sparkling fruit juice. A quality Prosecco glass adds to the enjoyment of any sparkling drink, with its solid feel and aroma-concentrating qualities.

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