Add some sparkle to everyday life with unique water glasses

Add some sparkle to everyday life with unique water glasses

While more eye-catching glassware, like champagne flutes, crystal whisky glasses and giant gin glasses usually get all the attention, there is one glass that always seems to be forgotten.

The humble water glass might be underwhelming, but is actually the glass most used by the majority of people. The favoured choice to be brought out at breakfast, on the desk while working from home and on the table at dinner, it’s a wonder that people don’t pay it more attention.

These glasses aren’t just reserved for water. They can quickly become a versatile favourite for juices, smoothies, fizzy drinks or even an evening gin and tonic.

A water glass doesn’t have to be a plain, straight-sided, clear vessel. A special water glass is a great gift for a friend or loved one who seems to have everything, as this is something they will be sure to use. With plenty of styles to choose from, it’s possible to find something to suit every taste.

While some might prefer a small, delicate and patterned glass, others might be more inspired by a simple tumbler with a pop of colour. For those who would be constantly refilling something so small, engraved pint glasses could be the perfect choice. If even a pint isn’t enough, an engraved tankard glass would ensure they would never be left thirsty.

Making a change from the usual modest and unassuming styles, a special water glass can brighten someone’s day whenever they use it, adding a touch of luxury to everyday life.

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