A look at Formula 1 trophies

With the F1 season starting recently, many eyes will be on the trophies up for grabs at some of the most iconic racing circuits across the globe.

Who gets the trophies?

Reigning champion Max Verstappen will be feeling the pressure as his closest rival, Lewis Hamilton, strives for victory. Many other teams such as Ferrari and McLaren are also hoping to snatch the title away from Red Bull.

At each race, the top three drivers will reach the podium and receive a trophy. Unlike many other sports, the Championship Trophy, after the final race of the season has taken place, is not presented immediately after the event. Instead, the World Drivers Championship Trophy is presented during a separate event called the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony.

What’s the design of F1 trophies?

Individual designs have historically been used for each of the Grand Prix races. These trophies have often included reference to the country where that particular race took place. The F1 World Championship Trophy is a tall, silver jug that features the previous winners’ names and signatures, going back to 1950. The logo of each winning team is also engraved on the trophy. These names and logos run around and up towards the top. A laurel wreath design runs up and around the trophy, while a circle, symbolising Earth, can be found above the wreath.

These engraved awards have always been a part of F1 from the first season. It is usually the racing teams, rather than the drivers, that keep them.

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